Cutting-Edge Guard Tour Solutions

Optimize your guarding operations with advanced technology. TrackerHero Patrol provides all the tools you and your guard needs to easily manage your guarding operations.


Guard Tours & Patrols

Our mobile technology software offers a special feature that sends real-time updates via email by enabling the security personnel to scan NFC/RFID tag checkpoints at strategic site locations. This allows users to receive updates at their best convenience as they have their mobiles in hand



Geolocation feature on our software is devised in order to perform locating task on your security personnel enabling our client to detect the locale of any alarming events or emergency situations prior to the dispatch of personnel.


Design and planning

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Visitor Registration

TrackerHero Patrol allows our clients to track and register all visitors in a more constructive manner while adhering to your personalized standard of processes and policy requirements.


Live Dashboard

We know how essential it is to keep track of security operations, hence our PatrolHero’s Live Dashboard allows you to monitor every second of the secured area by providing you extended features.


Incident Reporting

Incident reporting refers mainly to the communication that takes place during on- going events and operations, eliminating the need for conventional method of written reports. Our product is incorporated with customizable incident alerting feature that is enforced through multimedia messaging application.


Time & Attendance

TrackerHero Patrol prioritizes the importance of capturing time and attendance data in order to carry out payroll processes efficiently while complying to labor law and easy monitoring information on workforce productivity.


Daily Activity Report

We are eager to provide our clients with an effective reporting platform that hinders the conventional method of keeping records on paper. This is also applied to ensure officers’ activities are scheduled and captured as aligned to current reality.


Post Order Management

The instructions are allocated online through to ensure the consistency in delivered information is congruent with real time events and documented consent or agreement.

TrackerHero Patrol

TrackerHero Patrol is a security operation software that is design for security operators to execute their operations effectively and manage their operations efficiently. Being effective and efficient is at the core of this product.

We inculcate this habit into the product so that you can reduce cost, increase productivity and be sustainable. The system allows security operations to be smoothly executed at operators’ best convenience while providing a stable and secured platform for back office management.

TrackerHero Patrol provides specific features including Geolocation, Live Dashboards and Trends & Analytics for maximum productivity while supporting Malaysia’s first duo-functional security system. This platform aims to encourage proactive decision making among the operators to better ensure the safety and security of community.

  • Securing New ContractsDifferentiate Your Offering with Best-in-Class SoftwareTrackerHero provides the best assured system and service for security operations to build trust and reputation to the community. Confidence shown by your customers will surely open doorways to recommendations or security contracts for your future customers.
  • Cost ReductionArm officers with technology and deliver a superior serviceThe technological advancement has allow us to assist you in delivering a more proactive and cost-efficient security operation. Our suite is designed to help you achieve the highest quality protection of our product can offer with minimal human workforce and operational cost.
  • Resolve Operations IssuesImprove Quality Control and Officer ManagementGone were the days that you will have to do your reporting manually. With TrackerHero you are now able to manage your operations with efficient and effectiveness as our platform enables you to focus on making your location secure while the platforms helps you to manage everything automatically. Our solutions will help increase the productivity of operations while maintaining and safe and secure environment to the community