Centralized location in our CYBERJAYA HQ, MALAYSIA where operations are monitored and controlled. Our facility are equipped with advanced technology and communication systems that allow personnel to oversee and manage critical operations, 24/7.


Our command centres are designed for emergency response situations, with real-time information and situational awareness available to our support specialist. They provide response to sites with appropriate measures as per protocol outlined.


Emergency Incidents

Our specialist are capable to manage emergency situations such as security threats, or other critical incidents.

Situation Report

Our specialist would support daily operation by creating and sharing situation reports with relevant stakeholders, providing real-time updates on the situation and enabling informed decision-making.

Real-Time Alert

Our specialist receive and send real-time alerts to relevant stakeholders in emergency situations, ensuring timely and effective communication.

Operation Support

Our specialist provide operational support to teams in the field, including coordination, scheduling, and resource management.


Committed to operational excellence Since 2016 

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