Designed to manage and optimize field operations, from the office to remote locations. This software is used to streamline operations and improve efficiency by coordinating field activities such as scheduling, patrolling, incident reports, workforce management, asset tracking, and communication.


Field Operation Software provide real-time oversight of critical operations, support security managers in tracking security officers across multiple sites and enabled them to make informed decisions quickly.


Our platform deliver the protection of valuable assets for corporation, reduce corporate security risk with shared security intelligence in the platform.


A.I. Face Recognition

Artificial intelligence and face recognition technology to identify individuals for shifts &
attendance, enhancing security and safety in the field.

Visual Report

Field workers to capture and submit visual reports, such as photos or videos, enabling better
communication and real-time reporting.

Live Tracking

Enables managers to track the location of field workers in real-time, improving coordination and

Intercom & Comm

Enables communication between field workers and their supervisors using intercom systems or
other communication channels.


Enables managers to create virtual boundaries around specific geographic areas, triggering alerts when field workers enter or exit these areas.

Staff Profiles

Enables managers to create and manage staff profiles, including contact information, work history, and training records.


Detects when a worker is in distress, triggering an alert to supervisors and providing location information to aid in emergency response.

Offline Capability

Enables field workers to use the software and collect data even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.


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