we provide
real-time clocking
attendance system
visitor management
situation reporting
emergency panic
log book
notice board
hr management
more features
integrated in one simple solution

use your own device or our award-winning rugged device with luminescent checkpoint


we provide together with enterprise-level simcard with option of unlimited call and data


complete round-the-clock control monitoring center basic service included

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Simplify Your Security Operations

A single solution gives you visibility into your employees, reduces manual tasks, lowers costs, and shows you provide great value to your customers

Our Features

Beyond guard patrol system, we provide end-to-end features to unlock the full value of your officer's work

Face Recognition Attendance

Ensure the right security officers is at the right place & time to work with a real-time update. No need to worry about fake or buddy clocking with our enterprise-grade facial recognition technology that works even without internet connectivity
1st in Malaysia

Employee Background Check

Get a security-vetted officers with a complete background screening solution with reliable data from Ministry of Home Affairs, Police, Anti-Drug Agency and more with quicker turnaround times & better quality screening reports without compromising accuracy

Real-Time Guard Tour Clocking

Keep track of your security officers. Monitor guard tours with built-in GPS in real-time. Instantly know the status of each tour – When it is in progress when it is complete, and if any checkpoints have been missed

Powerful Analytic Dashboard & Customized Report

Make data-drive decision with our Get real-time access to real-time information with our live dashboard offering powerful analytics & customize reporting criteria with custom report templates to suit your reporting needs

Man-Down & Emergency Panic

Stay on top of your lone workers' safety with automatic alerts that let you know if an employee falls and has an accident. Our end-to-end emergency panic allows guards to push the panic button in an emergency, along with the location

Simple Visitor Management

Our OCR-based visitor management, you can register visitors & vehicles by just scanning the MyKad, license ID, passport & other identification
Scan MyKad, driving license, passport & more
Customize & mask sensitive fields for privacy protection
No need any external hardware & works offline
Included Free

Central Monitoring Services

Get peace of mind with our included Managed CMS Service at your disposal as well as the option of setting up your own Control Monitoring Stations using our easy-to-use solution designed for small-to-large organization
Explore Our Extensive Features

Hardware Option

You can use your own device or using ours with a SLA-backed warranty & in-house repair to ensure stress-free operation

Rugged Device

Using our device, you ensure 100% system compability with our in-house develop kernel-level OS integration

IP68 to IP69K protection rating & MIL-STD-810G
Voice communication 2-way
Handy waterproof, shock resistant


It is being used as a clocking point with a high-precision and fool-proof mechanism to track officers duty on site

No battery required
Self-adhesive 3M sticker & screw hole
Glow-in-dark, weatherproof & shockproof
Work in metal or non-metal surface area
Comes in multiple size & type (stickers, keyfob, etc)
TrackerHero Patrol

Product Brochure

Do you need help finding the best guard management system? Learn more from our product brochure

Have a question? check these answers

What is TrackerHero Patrol?

Well, currently traditional security patrolling systems are difficult to configure, isolated from other systems, manual, and expensive to maintain.

TrackerHero Patrol makes the job of your guard easier with an integrated logbook, incident report, you can customize routes in just minutes, and most importantly, have your guard’s performance monitored in real-times

How many checkpoints should I installed?

Depending on the type of property. A landed neighborhood can be represented with a checkpoint for every house (i.e. 100 houses equate to 100 checkpoints). For high-rise/commercial buildings, it can vary depending on the number of blocks/floors you have.

Please feel free to contact one of our consultants and we’ll be glad to assist!

What is the maximum number of checkpoints TrackerHero Patrol supports?

You can have an unlimited number of checkpoints in your account!

Can my guards copy checkpoints and cheat the system?

Cheating is not an easy thing to do – every time your employees send an event, their position (acquired by triangulation of GPS, WiFi & GSM cell antennas) and respective time-stamp is also included, so you will be able to spot where they are.

Plus, with our proprietary checkpoint, only checkpoint supplied by us you can use and scan to ensure data accuracy & sensitivity

Do you offer training & on-boarding?

Yes, TrackerHero takes great pride in making sure that new clients are appropriately trained to be able to take full advantage of our powerful platform from day one.

Your dedicated Account Managed will also guide you step-by-step through the implementation to meet your system requirements.

What hardware is required to run the software?

You need a mobile device to run TrackerHero Patrol software. Proprietary devices are not required – You can either choose to purchase the mobile devices from us or use your own.

Can you support multiple sites located in multiple countries & regions?

Yes, we can support multiple national or international sites. Several of our large customers have locations spanning multiple countries, and our system can also be customized for different site requirements.

Do you integrate with 3rd party software?

Yes, we have an open API and will work with technology providers to integrate their software and services into our platform. If you want to know what companies we currently integrate with or are interested in learning more about our API – drop us an email 

I've more questions

Sure, we’re here to help! Please refer to our help center, chat with us, email, or call us